“I started my business in 2019 as a side hustle to raise money for my trip to Hawaii. Within a few weeks a raised enough money for Hawaii and went on a dream vacation. But while I was in paradise I kept getting messages for orders. I found myself more engaged with dreaming about this business than I found myself engaging in what I thought to be my dream —Hawaii. 

I enjoyed the rest of my vacation, and I returned home refreshed and with a new perspective on what I wanted this business to be.  I wanted to create pieces inspired by peace to emulate what i experienced Hawaii. I think everyone should feel at rest/peace when they’re home, even if it’s not a tropical paradise. That’s what I hope my pieces will add to the homes of many.”

Monica’s Porch is based in the Austin area, where Monica creates her macrame products. Her designs include intricate and finely woven plant holders and wall hangings. Each product is made by hand, ensuring that each design is made with quality and care in mind.