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"The Tower" Retreat

Welcome to "The Tower" retreat, a sanctuary for those navigating life's tumultuous moments. In this immersive four-hour experience, we invite you to find solace and reflection in a supportive environment.

"The Tower" retreat is tailored for individuals who resonate with the symbolism of the tarot card representing upheaval and transformation. If you've been experiencing your own personal "tower moment," this retreat offers a nurturing space for you to pause, process, and find clarity.

Throughout the retreat, participants will engage in inner child work, tapping into the innocence and vulnerability within to facilitate healing and growth. Herbal workshops will provide hands-on experiences crafting teas and smudge sticks, offering tangible tools for cleansing and restoration.

Guidance from tarot readings will illuminate paths forward, offering insight and perspective on your journey. Each reading is personalized to provide clarity and support as you navigate your unique challenges.

Amidst these enriching activities, a nourishing lunch will be provided, fostering connection and community among participants.

Join us at "The Tower" retreat, where amidst life's upheavals, you'll find a haven for reflection, growth, and renewal.


To be held in either June or July. More details to come.