About Me


Monica was born and raised in the Austin area, and has always been an adventurous, creative, generous spirit! She began her business-art journey while on vacation in Hawaii after her "Facebook market" sale for her plant hanger went from one request to over 50! Scrambling to complete the sales from overseas, Monica recruited her dad to package her products and deliver in Austin. After she returned from her trip, she hit the ground running, vending at many local markets in the Austin area.

She had quite the humble beginnings, but the adventurous spirit in her helped unfold so many more creative avenues in her life. She now expresses her art through more mediums such as pottery, writing, stationary design, tarot readings and by teaching others what she has learned through her workshops.

After several years of doing this business, Monica returned to Hawaii (just to visit) last year to commemorate her small beginnings and success as a generous entrepreneur and lover of inspiration.