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Monica's Porch

"Milk Snake" Altar Cloth

"Milk Snake" Altar Cloth

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SOLD OUT but more cloths AND prints coming soon

Handmade screen printed Milk Snake Altar Cloth

Black ink, 22x22 cotton cloth

"Milk Snake" Poem by Monica Garcia


I created this piece inspired by a crazy dream I had where I was being chased by a milk snake. At the end of the dream I turned around only to see the snake was actually this loyal friendly dog, waiting to give me a little dog-hug. The meaning behind the artwork and poem is that the things we run from tend to be the things that welcome transformation, unconditional loyalty and love. So don't run anymore, turn around and embrace your fears and more importantly, your calling. 

I use this cloth for my students in the 202 Tarot Reading Workshop, as a tool to lay out their cards on and set a divine and intentional mood for themselves and whoever they are reading. 

It can also be used as a friendly reminder on your wall or carry this divine message wherever you please. 

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